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Mizonula     01/10/2017 00:54 AM

Just sharing my experience .
I'm Indian and i applied Italian tourist visa . I submitted invitation letter,flight and everything that is required . My bank balance was around $2500 . It was rejected for NO.8 reason (purpose and reason for. intended stay not reliable ) . I was heartbroken coz I so wanted to meet my bf there .
After 10 days I applied again with the same info...and add cover letter written in Italian by my bf stating he will be responsible . So I submitted two cover letter...from me and from my bf . After 5 days of submission , the embassy requested updated bank statement . I submitted additional info (same $2500) and they gave me 15 days tourist visa...

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garimabaweja     03/21/2017 23:55 PM


My visa has also been rejected recently. I am planning to reapply, need some tips from you.

Can you please share your contact number so that we can speak.

Many thanks!



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