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aussie1522     02/09/2017 22:36 PM

I was working on E3 for one year with a consultancy and then I got an offer in a FTE role. Unfortuantely, there is no premium processing to transfer E3 to a different employer. The timeframe to transfer is almost 3 months. My FTE Company attorney suggested to step out of the country and get the visa stamped at the US Consulate. They filed the LCA for the new job and sent all the supporting documents. My wife and I went to Australia for the visa interview.

VO checked all the documents and below are the questions

VO: Documents
Me: Passport and LCA

VO: She asked for the petition
Me: and I said I dont have one.

VO: She asked me how did I get this offer and what visa was I before and my previous employer.
Me : Showed her my previous petition and explained her my situation.

VO: She asked me if I know anyone from the new company
Me: Replied


VO: How long have you married
Wife : Repled

VIsas granted and we got the passports in 2 days.

After entering into the country my wife applied for the EAD and she got it in 3 months. First time she got it in one month.

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joyjoy     06/27/2017 21:48 PM

Hi could you please help and let me know which state did your wife apply for EAD when she got in 1 month and next time also which state did she apply when she got in 3 months? Do you know that while you apply for EAD can you travel back to Australia when it's in process? Thanks for your help.


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