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madhuvemuri     02/21/2017 21:05 PM

I have processed B2 Visa from India to my In laws last month and they got VISA also. At that time we will get one NEFT transfer account to pay VISA fee online. I have added that temporary account to my Bank Payees list and I forgot to delete it.

Today, by mistake I have transfered some amount from one of my banks account to that as NEFT transfer. As per my knowledge the temporary VISA account will expire once we pay the fee and receipt was created OR once get the VISA after the appointment.

My question is will I get my money back as the account was expired or not exists? If not, can some help how to proceed further to get my money back.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.


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jeyanthi_17     07/04/2019 10:56 AM

       I am also facing the same issue where I had done a wrong NEFT transaction to the VISA account. Created a case with ustraveldocs but there is no response from them. Can you please tell me what is the action you took to get back the money.



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