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j80571     03/19/2017 00:21 AM

I see lot of people posting /emails quoted how happy they are with the purchase. This is great. What I am looking for is experiences where people could successfully file the claim and got reimbursed for medical payment. To me that's where the real truth is. I am still trying to search for claim reviews on this site. So far none but will keep looking. Thanks

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insubuy     03/19/2017 13:40 PM

Thank you for your question and the concern.

Please note that Insubuy is NOT an insurance company but a broker that provides insurance from various companies. Claims are handled by the respective insurance company and NOT by Insubuy.

Therefore, you really need to look at the claims processed by various insurance companies, and not by Insubuy, because that is not even the right search.

Having said that, please note that most people who had a good experience with the claim never bother to report that everything was good. Most people who write reviews are the ones who were unsatisfied. Therefore, you don't see the clear picture. That is just the unfortunately reality of the situation.

If there is anything specific we can do to help you select the suitable insurance plan for your needs, please feel free to contact us toll-free at (866) INSUBUY, 7 days a week.


j80571     03/19/2017 15:18 PM

Thank you for your reply. I understand that you are broker and help buying insurance. My question to people here was if the companies they bough the cheap premiums for were worth buying for. As you may understand, the only reason one buys insurance is for something that you are not sure of. And not getting help in those tough times defeats the purpose of an insurance. It may be true that a lot of people tend to write when things go wrong, but depending on what went wrong does provide an insight into how companies dealt with their concern.

By no means I was questioning INSUBUY's effort to sell cheaper insurance, I am concerned about buying a policy that is not worth saving $50-100 up front.


insubuy     03/19/2017 17:30 PM

We completely understand your concern. I agree that cheapest not always the best option.

There are many insurance plans and many companies out there. That is, as your well-wisher, we offer true and unbiased advice to help you select the most suitable plan for you.

I assure you that the companies we represent are reputable and pay all legitimate claims. However, the fact is that no all claims are payable. Additionally, there are also many customers who buy the insurance AFTER their relatives are already sick and they blame the insurance company for not paying the claims. We just had a big case like that recently, who purchased the insurance any way even after we advised him clearly that it would not be covered.

Therefore, I suggest that you call our office at (866) INSUBUY and speak with a licensed insurance professional for your insurance needs.


enkay25     08/04/2017 20:56 PM

Hi j80571,
Thank you for your candid post. I wonder if you were able to find any genuine posts about experiences regarding filing insurance claims and getting reimbursement? My senior citizen mother is traveling internationally for the first time, coming to the USA. I am wondering whether to buy insurance at all as deductibles must be high, coverage is low, and some posts mentioned that it is a nightmare to get any reimbursement.

Thanks in advance for your time and help!


insubuy     08/04/2017 21:08 PM

Insubuy works with most major companies in the US that provide visitors insurance. They pay hundreds of thousands of claims every year.

However, almost all of those customers don't bother to post if everything went smoothly. They consider it to be normal. Most of the people who post are the ones whose claims got rejected, or they initially were delayed or rejected and then got approved with Insubuy's help.

Therefore, you don't get to see the accurate picture, unfortunately.

All the claims are not legitimate and not eligible. Therefore, there would be some that would rejected. Those are the people who seem to be interested in posting.

As the healthcare is very expensive in the US, it is of utmost importance to purchase visitors insurance. Deductible is NOT high. Depending upon the age, high amount of coverage is available. Visit insubuy.com or call us at (866) INSUBUY to speak with a licensed insurance professional.


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