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jalapeno75     04/24/2017 06:44 AM

If you and your SO (significant other) are about to embark in this long complex journey of applying the K1 visa.. please feel free to contact me.

My fiancé and I are about to send our I-129F packets in a few days, we are both nervous and would like to share our experiences with others who are on the same boat..

If you have just sent your packet and are waiting for the approval, feel free also to chat with me.

We don't know what to expect along the way, so for those who are waaaay ahead of us, we look to you for tips and answers too.

Thank you in advance,

I look forward to hearing from all of you.


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monjali     05/31/2017 00:20 AM

Hi There,

We applied for K1 Visa on 02/14/17, and today we received the approval on the petition.

After so long, I am feeling happy and excited about this whole process. this wait is very frustrating and i really look forward to talk to someone who has gone through this process or been waiting for the approval.

I can totally relate to your post and wish you all the best for your journey!


Realitea Cheq     11/20/2017 14:10 PM

Be honest all way, carry every single evidence, pictures, call logs, future plans, know each other's family really well. You know why k-1 fiancee why not spouse visa and why you choose the USA, not your own country. Hopefully, you will get your visa with a big smile. All the best.


MadamB     01/10/2019 15:24 PM

hi i am abou to apply. i am so nervous. how did u apply?


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