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ammso     10/04/2017 00:32 AM

Appeared for my interview - 21 September 2017
After successful interview consulate took my passport and informed me that my C1/D visa is approved but on the same day I received a mail from [email protected] asking for information such as Social media names, previous passport numbers, countries I have traveled in last 15 years etc.
I forwarded them with all the information.

Received my passport - 23rd September 2017
along with a 221g slip stating I will be contacted via email for some information.

Till now my visa status is showing Administrative process. Has anybody faced this issue. Any idea how much time will this process take.

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Loveleshsai     07/29/2019 10:28 AM

 Same thing happen with me my friend i also.applied for c1/d visa now status is in AP and they
Return my passport with green slip 221g ..

Did you get visa ??tell.me.plz


Sevgi     07/30/2019 04:57 AM

Yes I'm also at the same stage for C1D. I had done my interview on 11june 2019 they give me 221g for PCC I submit on 27june . On 5th July I get mail to pick my passport I take back again 221g for old passport submission and appear for interview again. I appear on 8th July again submit my old passport then on 9th July I get mail by mumbaitech to fill DS5535 I fill and revert them since then status is still in AP .


eslambadr91     10/02/2019 07:52 AM


same situation happened to me after I applied for c1d visa in cairo. Did you get the visa ?


eslambadr91     10/02/2019 07:59 AM


did you get the visa ?


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