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aims     01/13/2018 17:37 PM

I would like to share my experience of doing the paper work for my husband’s immigration for green Card. (he was not in US during this whole time ) I sent all the required documents to USCIS.
I did paper marriage in 08/2015 and filled for his immigration in 04/2016.
I waited for this long because I myself was a green card holder and I wanted to apply for citizenship. I applied for my citizenship in 04/2016. So both the process started almost together.
I heard back from USCIS on 09/2016 that the paperwork is approved and the case is moved to NVC. And because I’m a green card holder I’m in queue until it’s my turn ( for green card holders the time frame is anywhere between 1.5-2 years)
In 01/2017 I got my US citizenship. The same day I called NVC and informed them about my status change. They asked me to send them my naturalization form in the form of email. One week later they informed me that my case is open. And I can start the 6 steps process. I and my husband then started it by paying the fee and filling out forms DS-260. We then collected all the financial documents, made a packet and send everything as directed to NVC.
I haven’t heard back from USCIS till April. I went to overseas in 04/2017 due to some personal reasons.
Anyways we kept calling NVC and finally in 06/2017 they told us that we are missing the police certificate of my husband. And the one we sent is wrong police certificate. ( it’s one of the document from the list of documents you send to NVC). Me and my husband clearly remembered that we had sent 2 police certificates because the country my husband lives in had 2 different kinds. In case they accept only one. But NVC insisted that that they don’t have the correct one. We insisted and told them even if we send it again it would be the same document. They said we can wait for the supervisor to look into the documents again but this will take 2 weeks. We said ok we will wait for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks we called them again and were told the same thing.
In 07/2017 We sent the SAME DOCUMENT again (NVC always takes 4-6 weeks in processing your documents regardless of if it’s a whole packet of documents or just one document) and started waiting for their decision. We haven’t heard back from them till August. So we decided to call them again. Luckily this representative we spoke to was extremely good and he suggested us that we can EXPEDITE the process. He explained us the procedure. ( it’s writing an email explains why you want to expedite) we explained our problems. The expedite request was accepted in a week. My husband did his Medical in August and got an interview call in September, the 2nd week of September he gave his interview and after ONE day he got his visa.

By sharing this whole story I wanted to inform people of my experience and on top of everything I want to share THE EXPEDITE process. People don’t know this thing, so please if you want your case to be processed fast, just ask them to expedite it as soon as it’s transfers to NVC.


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saladboye     06/20/2018 11:20 AM


Thanks for sharing this.

I appricaite the effor.

I'm in same boat.

Me: GC, filed for USC in July 2017, still waiting in line for interview.
Wife: outside , filed for her visa this month

Kinda helps me bring it into perspective.


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