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insubuy     01/19/2018 21:14 PM

Terrible company.

I have standing instructions with Money2India to send Rs. 25,000 every month, on 25th. For Dec 25, 2017, the recipient has still not got the money.

Every time I call, they tell me that they are having computer problem and money will be transferred in 3 days. They ask me when money was withdrawn from my US account, as they don't know.

Today, ICICI rep told me that my account is blocked because they could not verify me. I had already sent driver's license, gas bill etc. on Nov 27. I asked what the problem is and she said she can't tell me because it is confidential. I asked what is missing and she said it is confidential. I asked what I can provide and she said it is confidential. She flat out told me that ICICI can't provide me any service and told me to find alternatives.

When I spoke with her supervisor, he said that they need the copy of my Social Security Card. I asked him for the reason. He said it is for verification. What are you verifying? He said they could not verify my details based on my TX driver's license. I asked how they did that and he said it is not their database. I asked they can't have database of all driver's license of all states in the US. He said that they do. So, SSN copy is needed. I asked what you are trying to verify. He just said, it is required. Why? He said to verify the identity. I said I already provide SSN itself and why they can't verify that. He said they need the copy. Why? For identity. I offered them the copy of the US passport and OCI card to verify the identity. He said SSN copy is required.

Under what country's rule SSN copy is required? US or India? He said US. I said I have opened bank accounts with 15-20 banks so far, no one ever asked for the SSN copy. Then he put me on hold and said it is per India regulations. What regulations? He said RBI regulations. How can Reserve Bank of India make a law to ask for SSN copy? He said, it is required. Why? It is as per our rules and regulations. How can ICICI make rules to ask private documents of people that are not to be shared? If I want to use their services, copy of SSN is required.

I am done doing business with them.

I have made alternate arrangements.

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