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oblivion92     03/09/2018 18:20 PM

Hi all,

Reading the forums I think we are pretty much all on the same boat.
I applied for my EAD card on Nov 30th. Its been received and says the same status whenever I check USCIS.

I called NCS and they said that USCIS is currently working on cases received on October 1st. (Does that mean I have to wait another 60 days for them to reach my case? I will go insane)
Its the 99th day now. Placed a Service Request on the 91st day. Reply was that I need to allow USCIS more time to process it.

I already had to decline some job offers because this card is nowhere in sight. It's super frustrating.
Please advise on what I should do. Ombudsman? Senate? Congressman? Should I even put on more service requests? Or will that just slow down the process?

Thanks in advance.

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