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hiba naqvi     03/30/2018 10:34 AM

I filed an application on 7th Mar, they sent me a notice on 13th of Mar. Now i'm waiting for a bio-metrics appointment but i just wanted to know if I can leave for my extended stay after my biometrics appointment? As in, I will definitely get my reentry permit if I have given my biometrics or there is still a chance that it may be denied? Because if there is then there is no point in leaving without one.

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Sb1224     03/30/2018 18:48 PM

Hi Hiba,

I am also waiting for biometrics. I filed on Mar 5th and recieved NOA on Mar 8th from Nebraska service centre. Please let me know if you get the biometrics date as i m eagerly waiting for it. I need to travel soon. I am also planning to fly out once biometric get done.



hiba naqvi     05/14/2018 22:49 PM

yes i got mine on 3/23 for 4/9 appointment


Rakchans     08/02/2018 05:07 AM

Sb1224 . When did you receive notification for your biometrics. I applied on 24th July checked they received my app on 27th July cashed my cheque and sent me receipt. When should I expect biometric appointment paper from Nebraska service Centre??


jerryk327     04/19/2018 17:49 PM

I mailed my application on 4/10. It's delivered on 4/12. The receipt date is 4/17. Today 4/19, they cashed my check.
Can anybody advise me when I should expect the biometric notice?


hiba naqvi     05/14/2018 22:48 PM

they received my application on 8th mar, i got notice of biometrics on 3/23


Rakchans     08/02/2018 05:11 AM

Hiba naqvi. Did you file expedited I131 or normal? I sent mine on 24th July they received on 27th and cashed cheque same day and have already mailed me the receipt. When should I expect the biometric document to come?


Rakchans     08/02/2018 05:15 AM

Jerryk327 I sent my I 131 on 24th July they received and incash my cheque on 27 th July and mailed receipt. When do you think I will get biometric appointment?


Escaper     08/20/2018 10:25 AM

Did you receive your biometrics appointment?


sdang003     05/02/2018 18:40 PM

Hi Hiba,
I have the same question.
Please, let me know if you got your biometrics date. Did you file an expedited I-131 application? If so can you tell me what supporting documents did you submit with your application?



hiba naqvi     05/14/2018 22:43 PM

yes I received my bio metricsappointment for 9th april


Rakchans     08/02/2018 05:12 AM

Sdang003 did you get your biometric appointment on time?


tanmaymdesai     10/17/2018 13:44 PM

hey Rakchans.

i also applied for re entry permit and they received and cashed my cheque on 25 th sept. waiting for finger print appointment letter.

can you please tell me when you received your finger print letter ?
how many days it took ?

thankyou tanmay


sharan123     12/13/2018 14:54 PM

Did you request for expediting the process? And the notice you received on the 13th that you are talking about was through mail or through SMS/E-mail ? Which centre handled your case?
Can you share the exact time line?


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