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dg123     04/03/2018 06:44 AM

Could anyone help with following scenarios? I need to confirm before i decide to take British citizenship for my daughter.

I and my daughter (12 years old)holding UK Passport (British National) and my wife holding Indian passport( Indian National). Because of of some personal reason (parents health issue) my wife and daughter need to go back to India immediately permanently (may be for 5-6 years).

Now if my daughter OCI card in progress stage (after application it will take 2-3 months) , then what type of VISA she needs to that legally should able to go to school in India while OCI in progress?

I thought its entry Visa , however in the "document required" section of VFS site is asking to submit letter of recommendation(on letter headed paper from the employer of the person holding the Employment visa ). However she is travelling with her mother(Indian national), how can I get such document?

or some different type of VISA is needed(for admission into secondary school)?

Please help.

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