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Osu Coor     05/06/2018 18:54 PM

Dear friends
I have a question that nobody I talked to is able to clearly explain to me. I'll appreciate if anybody has knowledge about my issue. my details:
> Filed EB1A based I485 in Dec 2018. Waiting for interview (they have interviews now for EB1A)
> Plan to marry an Indian citizen (who is still in India) in October this year.
> I want to apply for her green card before my case is adjusted and then having to file for her as family (which will delay her case for years)

My questions are:
> Is it OK to apply for her after my interview (which is not scheduled yet)
> Can I also file for her from India?

I would appreciate any other helpful suggestion that can make me get her here faster and get her green card also soon.
You guys are wonderful. May God bless you

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Paramveer83     08/05/2018 20:00 PM

Hi Osu

I have a similar situation. I am spouse of a primary EB1A applicant. I am on B2 visa and we have sent our AOS documents 3 weeks back. We have Bio metrics scheduled for Aug 8,2018. However my B2 visa is finishing in a 52 days and I don't have any EAD yet. Will I have to leave US if my EAD doesn't come?


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