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[email protected]     06/25/2018 17:31 PM

Need urgent Help!!

Hi, I am on L2 Dependent Visa and applied for EAD in california center. I have received mail to submit additional below documents.
1) Principal's Current i 797 approval notice for form i 129 - Do i submit both 797 and i129 form?
2) Employees Current Pay Records - Can i submit just the pay stubs and if yes, how many pay stubs?
3) Employment Verification Letter - Is this the company letter stating that employee is working with their company?
4) Federal Income tax Returns - We moved in March 2018 hence my wife doesnot have Tax Returns. How do i respond on this?
5)W2s - We moved in March 2018 hence my wife dont have W2 from the employer . How do i respond on this?

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manish2089     06/25/2018 19:10 PM

HI, I replied to your post in tracker section.

Put your question in below EAD section which seems more active than this.



rohan_2018     07/03/2018 07:26 AM


I came to US in Feb 2018 along with my spouse (who is on L1 valid till May 2019). I am on L2 visa. I applied for EAD under A-18 category. I got similar RFE notice.

Principal's current status:
copy of employees current pay records, employment verification letter, federal income tax returns, W-2s

Applicant's status:
copy of form I-94, arrival-departure record, which was issued upon arrival in United States as well as any form I-797 approval notices issued for any extension of stay

What was your response for federal income tax returns, W-2s? My spouse has also not filed for it as we came to US in Feb 2018.

I feel we are in the same boat.


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