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aldrich2007     07/18/2018 14:24 PM

I have a question regarding PWD (prevailing wage determination). My employer originally filed for EB2 for PWD and DOL came back with higher salary (3x my current salary). So, my Lawyer informed me that my employer asked him to file a PWD for EB3 instead.

My question is:
1). Is my case an example of PWD re-determination?
2). Or the second PWD filed is just a regular filing for PWD?
3). The reason I asked is that there is at least one month or more advantage for redetermination date compared to the first time regular PWD filing date as per DOL processing date.

Hope someone would share their experience as regards to this issue.

Big thanks.

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aldrich2007     08/09/2018 16:09 PM

I just a chat with Company Lawyer. and mentioned that the second filing is on a regular LC filing for PERM meaning it goes thru the processing qeue date of submission.


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