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Tel     10/10/2018 00:10 AM

Hello to all, I have a question and I would need your help.

I am a green card holder since September 2016, living and working in Chicago. I plan to accept a job offer from a foreign company and move to Europe for the next 3 years and my attorney advised me that the best would be to file for a re-entry permit, which will however cancel my naturalization process (I have to restart when I come back to the US). My intention is to keep my house here in USA and travel regularly to the US (every 2-3 months), since I will have a parallel consulting agreement with a US company. Of course, I will keep my bank accounts, credit cards, memberships etc, since I plan to return back in 3 years. Therefore, my questions are:

1) Should I file for re-entry permit?
2)Is there any way that I can avoid cancelling my US naturalization process?
3) In the case that I get the re-entry permit, I will have approximately 80% of my income generated in Europe and 20% in USA. I will be living approximately 300 days per year in Europe and 65 days in USA. Should I file taxes in the US as a resident or as a non-resident?
4) Would filing as a non-resident be considered as an abandonment of my green card and cancel my re-entry permit?

Thank you in advance!

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Tel     10/10/2018 14:42 PM



tanmaymdesai     10/17/2018 13:42 PM

Hello Tel,

did you received your re entry permit. ? did you get your finger print appointment letter?

i also applied and they received my finger print money on 24 sept.



Hyd_Naw_88     10/22/2018 19:01 PM

1) Do as your attorney advised you . Re entry permit is not a bad decision and does not take affect on your naturalization process when you have a valid reason ( as you do in this case)
2) Yes you might loose you continuous residence eligibility which is at least half of your 5 year eligibility on your green card to apply for citizenship
3) Irrespective of were you earn you need to file taxes in US since you have permenant resident card in the US you can consult your auditor regarding this question.

Note : Always apply for re entry permit when your planning to leave US on a green card for more than 180 days as I did in 2008 . This so helpful and would be very crucial evidence during your naturalization process


dsoto10     12/14/2018 11:17 AM

Dear Tel,

I am in a very similar situation to you. I filed my application to naturalization/citizenship on August 2018 and are still waiting for interview and oath ceremony which based on the time it is going to take a while (almost 21 more months).

So, I have a job offer in the middle east and since i am still a green card holder and want to return to the US in 3 years or sooner, so i believe the re entry permit is my option.

What are you going to do with your naturalization process? Can you stop/cancel it?

Once you return does USCIS count your initial 5 years to continue the application for the US citizenship or when you return you need to be in the USA another 5 years?

Can you update me on your status or what was the outcome of your decision?

What did you find out about taxes?



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