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cinlubis     11/12/2018 15:04 PM

Hi everyone,

My husband (US Citizen) and I are building a case to apply for AOS for me right now and wondering whether I can apply for it without a lawyer? Would it be harder and longer? I was a student and was familiar with the steps through getting EAD for OPT. Anyone else got approved without having any help from accredited attorneys? If so, please share your experience. Thank you!

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Zmanning     02/04/2019 11:05 AM

You can definitely apply without a lawyer. That is what we did. Just make sure you read and re-read the instructions very carefully. It’s pretty straight forward unless you have some other legal matters that’ll make things complicated. Have you already filed your I130 or you gutom are doing it concurrently? Where are you filing from?

Btw, i was on an F1 visa too. Filed my AOS this past November. Interview is in 2 weeks.


cinlubis     02/04/2019 11:11 AM


I am filing I-130 and I-485 altogether (and sponsors form etc). Filing from Phoenix, AZ. How about you? Thanks for your input - I really appreciate it!


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