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iamlegend     12/21/2018 15:37 PM

Guys, please tell me what you think about this...
I had my visa interview on 17 Dec 2018. VO asked me few questions, I answered them well.
Later, she gave me this pink slip and told me that administrative processing would take couple of weeks. She didn't tell anything else to send.
After getting out from the consulate, I realized pink slip had a list of items (8 documents) to be sent. I wasn't sure if I have to send because the VO told me nothing has to be done on my side.

I came home and then got an email from consulate and I was asked to send three documents only. I quickly replied to that email and sent them whatever they asked (3 documents)... Should I also send the other documents in pink slip? Please let me know. Thanks

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iamlegend     12/21/2018 15:39 PM



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