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mahesh187     01/22/2019 10:58 AM

Hey All, I sent my passport for renewal around the 20th of December. It has now been a month and there have been no updates since the initial set of updates from CKGS. Two other colleagues of mine are facing the same issue with delay/no response.

One of my friends called CKGS and was told there is a change in the website that is causing delayed processing but has not given an ETA as such. Was also charged extra to speak to a representative at CKGS.

We have travel plans coming up and was wondering if anyone here has applied for renewal at DC embassy in the same time period and any updates that you might have.

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rayrays     01/22/2019 11:32 AM

My passport has been at the Embassy since the 28th and also have travel plans coming up. I have been unable to get a response from the Embassy about any ETA and am considering going there to sort it out. Please keep us posted if you get any updates.



mahesh187     01/22/2019 13:50 PM

just heard from a friend. His passport reached emabassy on 17th Dec. His passport is on the way to ckgs again. By that math, we are around 10 days behind him :).


jannappa0602     01/22/2019 13:29 PM


Its same case here, my renewal has been sitting in pending decision making from embassy step since Dec 04.



mahesh187     01/22/2019 13:51 PM

Thats' a long wait. See my comment above. Submissions from 17th Dec appear to be on the way back.


spavanece     01/22/2019 14:11 PM

Facing the same issue at SF embassy as well. I heard that this issue is been there from October itself. Not sure why they were not able to resolve it still.


chicagopp     01/22/2019 18:16 PM

Similar story for me with the Chicago Consulate. Passport reached them on 2nd Jan. No response so far...


aran808     01/23/2019 10:59 AM

Hi Mahesh,

I also in same boat. I have sent my passport to Washington DC for renewal.

Shipped on : Dec 19,2018
CKGS recieved on : Dec 20, 2018
Sent to Embassy on : Dec 27, 2018

Current status: Processing at Embassy for decision making since Dec 27, 2018.

No update yet. I contacted CKGS support team through email and they responded saying that website was upgraded recently which is causing the delay.

Please keep posted if you have any update.



mahesh187     01/23/2019 11:28 AM

Hey !! So both of our passports must be in the same pile. Mine reached 27th too. I will keep you posted if I see any updates.


aran808     02/12/2019 10:02 AM

Hi Mahesh,

Did you get any update on your case.



madhukumar.313     02/11/2019 12:38 PM

One more on the boat. Passport reached embassy on Dec 31st, 2018. Got same response from CKGS saying technical upgrade issue and will get back. I tweeted to Indian Embassy in Washington DC. They have asked me to send details to this email Id: [email protected]
I mailed them on 9th Feb, 2019. Hoping to get the passport this week if at all the technical issue is resolved.

Send ur details as well. Hope it might help.


bhu1pat     01/24/2019 13:34 PM

Mine reached DC embassy on 19th December. Still waiting. Hopefully I hear back this week.


bhu1pat     01/29/2019 12:40 PM

Received an email saying Passport is about to get shipped. So overall, it took about 5 weeks for embassy tp process it.


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