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GCIND- ()     12/04/2000 16:36 PM

Completed CP At Mumbai

Hello all Potential Immigrants this site has been very informative from my I140 stage onwards and I will miss the hourly visits here, however, let me share my CP interview details that I completed last week by the grace of God. It was a simple process, I was extremely happy with the consulate staff and my attorney.

Pre Interview Preparation:
Did medical at Lilavati Hospital, very good people (1 day)
Took photos at My own studio (2 days)
Made 2 bank draft for me and my wife, 1 for processing and the other for visa issuance, Grindlays Bank (1 hour)

Pre Interview:
Reached the consulate an hour before the interview time
Went inside and paid the processing fees at counter 13, then was asked to be seated in front of counter 10 (Waiting time about 1 ½ hrs).
        At the counter submitted all the documents in the following sequence
1. Passport (Old and New)
2. Photos
3. Packet IV
4. Birth Certificate
5. Marriage Certificate
6. Employment Letter
For my wife all the documents and additional I-134 within packet IV
The document checker returned my old passport and took the rest of the documents and asked us to wait to be called for an interview.

Went into the booth, and was asked to raise our right hand to take the oath
Questions asked:
1. What do you work as?
2. Where do you work?
3. Name of you manager?
4. How many employees? He was a little taken by shock because the company has less than 8 employees.
5. Why did the company apply for your immigrant visa so quick? That question came up because he was looking at my new passport that had a new visa (extension) from May/2000. Therefore I showed him the old passport to prove that I am working for the same company for the past 31/2 years.
No additional documents were asked, other than the one submitted to the document collector.

POE was NYC, went to the non immigrant queue, submitted my documents and they asked me to go to the immigration room. There they took my fingerprints and stamped my passport with a 551 stamp.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have I will try to answer them all. One suggestion be calm and confident and don’t try to hide anything from the officer. Good luck to all future immigrants.

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