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Nihon-jin- ()     11/23/2001 05:45 AM

Here is a memo from my CP experience (Tokyo, Japan).

On DS-230II, item 28 should be filled with your native alphabet (kanji in my case).

I was advised from the hospital who would conduct my medical exam to finish immunization for MMR, TD, and varicella before going to Japan for medical exam and CP interview. I was glad because I had already got MMR and varicella a few month ago. I only had to get TD on the day of medical exam.

I got a slight fever for a day or two after MMR and varicella shot. TD was fine.

I got immunization at Hyo J. KIM, M.D. (1426 Fillmore St. #202, San Francisco). They were nice.

I got medical exam at Seibo Hospital in Tokyo. They were nice. Express service was available on the same day with extra charge. Normal service took three days. I chose normal service. The hospital was open seven days a week, and I could get the result on Saturday.

During a trip for CP, I stayed at Komatsuya Ryokan in Ueno. The hotel is old, and has no private bathroom. But I liked their hospitality. Best of all, the hotel is located very close to Ueno station, and the price is low. I took Keisei Liner from NRT to Ueno. In Tokyo, I used Yamanote-line and taxi to go to American Embassy and Seibo Hospital.

Employment letter has to be notarized. I did not know this until I got the interview notice, thus had to run around in the final week before the trip. Just in case, I got two letters notarized.

Due to the long waiting between actions, some documents you collected might get obsolete. For example, check the date on your family register and employment letter. In my case, newer tax return document became available while I was waiting.

I got tax return documents at IRS (450 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco). They printed the documents on the spot with no charge.

Some extra photos helped me. Some extra copies of family register helped me.

Some of the heavy bunch of documents I carried all over to Japan for "just in case" helped me.

My attorney was always quick. Whenever I e-mailed him with questions, he kindly answered within a day. I hope you get such a professional.

But still, most of the useful information came from the web. Thanks a lot to all the nice friends on the web!

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