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Fereidoun- ()     08/17/2005 13:37 PM

To all new Immigrants.
Please do not use WWICS to help you immigrate anywhere. I have registered with them 5 years back and our case is just being delayed. All my friends whom applied on thier own are there in Canada. The usual answer is that you will be waivered from interview, or there is a problem with the high commision. Please dont fall into the trap. Every now and then they ask for new IELTS score or Police clearance to keep you busy. These things cost money. Once i went through my file and realised ny IELTS scores were not even submitted to the high commision.

Why not WWICS? because they are not a professional institute, most of the people working as the office managers have a little knowledge of immigration laws and they are just there to get your cash in. Also the Immigration officers once they see WWICS as a referring company are more sceptical of your case. Also your case is not delayed due to communication gap between WWICS and High commission and YOu.
Please apply yourself. It is not only cheaper its faster as well.
Please understand that all the information is out there and WWICS is not an easy way out. Trust me if you can't do the form yourself, its gonna be tough living in CANADA or Australia.

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