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Jen- ()     09/21/2005 00:58 AM

on Sep the 1st !!! Yahooooo !!! We were so confident the day before the interview, that I bought a huge US flag on eBay !! We are just posting this to let you know it was a piece of cake. Very kind and gentle people asking few questions (Where are you going ? When have you both met ? When do you plan to move to the United States ?). No suspicion on their side.

They were just there to gather all documents. We came with much more documents than requested in the second package of instructions (the one you receive after your case number becomes current, on the monthly visa bulletin). But it has never been necessary to show them. They didn’t even want to look at them. So DON’T STRESS.

Those forums have been of a huge help for us (to avoid mistakes), but people just talk about there problems or fears, so it raises the stress level of readers: From our experience, as far as you show requested documents, you will get your green card

Thank you to the board (we will do some more input in the future to help), and good luck everybody.
You are supposed to provide copies of documents you bring, even if it is not said in the second package. But if you forget some copies, they will do it themselves, they have the machine

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