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Nichol M Miller- ()     09/25/2010 23:52 PM

I have information about Sonedyr Z Ruthner of Delran, NJ, and Charles Norman Hart of Ewing,NJ. They have illegally married in order for Sonedyr to stay in the US. Sonedyr who is a prostitute/dancer at the Playhouse gentleman's club in burlington, NJ paid Charles $10,000 to marry her and carry out this unamerican facade. Charles and Sonedyr have been separated for over 4 years now. Sonedyr Ruthner recently paid a bartender at the Playhouse Go Go bar $20,0000 to marry her son so that he would be able to stay in the country. I wish someone from INS would investigate this sham and stop this Brazilion prostitute from spitting at America in the face. THank you.
PS. Her dance name is KIANI at tbe playhouse in Burlington, NJ.

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