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greatking2ng     03/12/2019 23:07 PM

I'm currently in removal proceedings. I was arrested by local police in phoenix in december for DUI and transferred to ICE. In January 2019, I was given a $10,000 bond by an immigration judge and i'm currently out on bond now. The judge asked if I had any fear of returning to my home country and i said no, I designated my home country as my choice of deportation. Now i have a court case coming up in April, is it possible for me to change my pleadings and tell the judge I wish to apply for asylum based on fear of persecution of my religion?.

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Irk5fuel     04/08/2019 21:02 PM

No, because your asylum case would obviously be frivolous, unless the situation in your country became dangerous all of a sudden since the time you said to the judge that you fear nothing going back home, which is doubtful. Sorry, you missed your chance.


stef225     04/18/2019 04:32 AM

When the judge asked you if you have any fear of returning in your country, you said no. that was not smart to say no. Pray God


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