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Alexandria08     04/22/2019 23:29 PM

Hi Guys!
Just had my interview last Wednesday. It went good and right in the middle of the interview he said Congratulations! You are now a Permanent Tesident of the US. We were separated during the interview but it was ok. After that he gave me a congratulatory letter indicating my approval date. And when I went out of the building, like after 30 mins. I check my account and my status was changed to "My New Card Is Being Produced". To everyone who are scheduled for an interview, make sure to bring ur medical (if you think the old one is expired) so you will avoid delays. Bring your supporting papers and arrange it in a folder so it wont be hard for u to find it when the IO will ask for it. Bring photos and most of all, just relax relax relax. Just think that you are telling your story (how did you guys met?) to your friend. Coz the more nervous you are, the more you get in trouble.

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Novemar5     06/26/2019 18:08 PM

Hi congratulations again on your approval.
I have a question about medical examination.
I will have my interview next month and submitted my aos application July 2018 but my medical examination already expired. Should I go for another medical examination again?


12Raj     07/11/2019 20:00 PM

Hi congratulations
I had my interview 2 days ago, my status is saying same thing. How long will it take for card to arrive?


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