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Kasheka     05/01/2019 20:19 PM

I’m back lol.
Few years ago I was here for the adjustment of status. From filing to green card in hand took 4 months. I live in New York horn Jamaican. Anyways I’m back getting ready for the last part which is removing conditions Fr the 2 year green card to get the 10 year. I need every advice I can get. Also feel free to list types of evidence thanks in advance

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Tai06/2017     05/07/2019 03:53 AM

I sent in mine back in April filing from New York also. I received my 18months extension letter 2and a half weeks later and my biometrics appointment letter 5weeks later.
 I sent in all the evidence i took with me to my interview with the additions i acquired over the 2 years.
Joint taxes filed together
Health insurance
Random mails for both of us coming to our apartments.
Not sure how true it is but I was told they like to see the previous evidence continued (eg.bank statement,phone bills,) those things that were used in the beginning. Hope this helps. Best of luck.


Yenemar     09/07/2019 23:17 PM

How is your process going? Our case has been "ready for interview" for several months now. Our field office is MN :( I wish we had some information about how long it is taking people to get an interview after the case is ready to be scheduled. Especially anyone in MN. My husband is nervous to travel with this pending i751, but we have an 8 month old that we really want to meet his grandparents...I might travel alone to introduce him to his grandma and grandpa if it might take many more months before they will schedule the interview....


Mr Kadogo     08/01/2019 22:20 PM

So I see this thread is from May and today is 8/1/2019.

have you been able to submit? what did you submit and what did you hear back?

I am in the same boat, getting closer to submission day


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