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Wisdome7     05/06/2019 17:48 PM

I have a question regarding showing funds.

I have shown savings of parents and grandparents which is more than I20 amount. My parents (working) and grandparents(retired) are Government employees in India.

Now for my F1 visa interview for having fund of 1.5 times I20 amount I would like to use both loan and 75% of my family savings. Apart from these there are some properties like house whose evaluation worth I will keep as reference.

Is it okay or anything I need to change my financial plan ?

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BLADI     05/21/2019 00:12 AM

If your parents and grandparents savings surpass the amount the schools is charging, you are in good shape. Also, let them know you are an only child and stand to inherit all your parents and grandparents own.
LEAVE the loan information out of your application or interview.
You are a student - the Embassy does not need to see your title deeds and property evaluations.They need to see you are a student, you have means to pay, how your education ties into your future career in your homeland and that you will NOT WORK IN THE U.S [email protected]


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