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manideep.koritala     05/15/2019 01:55 AM

vo: why this University
me:Western Michigan University is continuously accrideted by higher learning commission since 1915
this University is providing most of my interest core modules in data analytics
being a student with 8.4 cgpa i have chances to get scholarship in this University.

vo: who is funding your study
me: my father is supporting with his savings 14052usd and ubi sanctioned me an education loan of 30 lakhs

vo: which Universities did you applied
me: University of Texas at San Antonio , George Mason University virgina Western Michigan University

vo: why not other 2 Universities
me: those 2 Universities are also suitable for my profile but course circulum is scattered into different specialisation in those universities but in wmu it is under one circulum

vo : what are your future plans
me: i will be back to India and see myself as data analyst in wipro or Infosys

i got rejected i don't know why
van anyone say the reason

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BLADI     05/21/2019 00:06 AM

The way you filled your visa application has a lot to do with your denials. That application is KEY. it encompasses almost 70-80% of their decision making. Would like to know more about how you filled it.
Based on what you posted as to how you answered, it sounds all OK besides the LOAN part; sometimes to do not volunteer such information. Remember, studying in India is cheaper than studying in the U.S. SO when you start using words like loan etc...those are red flags already... [email protected]


APM2019     06/11/2019 16:26 PM

I guess the funding part doesn't look like it will cover throughout your degree.
It is also about what field and level of education you enroll in, if it's a graduate level, it might be even more. International student tuition fees are ridiculously expensive, the best way is to alway get a grant from your perspective department or advisor, or apply for grants and tell them so.


Whythis     06/14/2019 08:29 AM

You sounded ambitious


thefoolishwanderer     07/17/2019 16:39 PM

Dude, think about this. Why would you join as a data analyst in Wipro or Infosys out of all companies in India? They pay peanuts and the VO knows this for sure. You could have atleast said Uber/Facebook/Whatever else.

Plus your answers about choosing universities also needs some clarity.


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