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ap079747     05/18/2019 02:59 AM

Hi Guys

I am on F1 visa. I came to USA on Dec,2017. Now I am on CPT doing internship this summer and also I am graduating this summer on August 10. I have already applied for OPT and requested my start date for August 12.

I had earlier applied for F2 visa 6 times for my spouse and son between march 2018 to april 2019 and all the time it got rejected. We got married on 2014

Now I am on CPT and want to apply again for F2. but I am thinking to wait untill i start OPT and work.

Can any one suggest me Is it ok to apply for visa while i am on CPT or I should wait untill i get my OPT approved and start work.

Your suggestion will be appreciated

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BLADI     05/20/2019 10:15 AM

How many years is your visa valid? Once they see you are on OPT it gives them the indication you do not intend to return to your country soon. When you fill out the visa application, you state you will be a student for either 2 or 4 years. So when you apply F2 for your spouse it both establishes she has no solid standing in her country and would perhaps join you there and y'all can make a decision to live there permanently. That is what those applications tell them. [email protected]


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