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sahudeepika     05/20/2019 11:04 AM


Is there is any the difference to get F2 Visa if F1 has CPT.

As reading so many experience (F1) CPT visa can be a main reason for rejections.

If F1(spouse) OPT VIsa then there is the chance to get F2 visa without rejection.

Please someone suggest or give your views on it.


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BLADI     05/21/2019 00:02 AM

F-1 visa is for student. Even though OPT is allowed by law, remember when you apply to the Universities and send them bank statements - you tell them you have enough money to cover the cost of study. When you present yourself to the Embassy, you tell them and show them financial documents indicating you have enough money to cater for your entire course of study then return back to your country. The moment they hear words like work-permit, OPT, work-study, all sirens go off and it tells them - financial insufficiency and someone who wants to work in America. So they must apply U.S law to the fullest hence the denials.

MY question is how long has the F-1 holder on OPT been on F-1 visa? why would you want to tell the Consular that the F-1 is on OPT. Do not open Pandora's box.


sahudeepika     05/21/2019 11:20 AM

Thank you much

As i am going to apply F-2 Visa.
If would have asked what your spouse is doing in usa then might they will asked regarding visa of F-1 .

Can you please suggest me what should we have to tell, if they will ask such question.


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