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Alfredoleons     07/17/2019 10:48 AM

Hi All,

Has anyone in this forum managed to renter the US -with an appropriate immigration status- but also with an expired Venezuelan passport?

Context: A month ago the Venezuelan government in exile issued a decree that was later recognized by the US, essentially extending the validity of expired Venezuelans passport for an additional 5 years beyond the printed expiration date, by which Venezuelans holding an appropriate immigration status are eligible to renter the us even though they hold expired passports. Link: https://www.state.gov/the-united-states-supports-extension-of-validity-for-venezuelan-passports/

I ask because I haven't hear of anyone actually going through with this and I live in MIA. I intent to travel to Colombia in April 2020 to have my wedding and by that time my passport will be expired. After facing the impossible task of renewing my Venezuelan passport, I refuse to thousands of dollars to the Venezuelan passport mafia to get it renewed.

Has anyone managed to re-enter the US with an expired venezuelan passport? (Please share your experience..

Thanks in advance

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