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ravindsm     07/24/2019 19:31 PM


I'm having a tough time with renewing my passport. I applied for a renewal of my Indian passport. I got married to my US citizen wife in the past year and have a marriage-based greencard. In my application, I am required to add my wife's name as a result.

Context: My wife has changed her last name to match mine since the wedding.

In my application forms (both CGKS and the NRI online form), I have put her new name (the name that is also on all formal documents now). In our marriage certificate of course, we have her old name (since she changed it later).

I anticipated the documents CKGS would require and supplied both the marriage certificate AND the government certified Change of Name form showing both her old and new names. For good measure, I also included a letter explaining what these documents were for.

Today I received a notice saying my application is rejected since "Spouse name on NRI Application form does not match spouse name in previous passport OR marriage certificate." What? I've provided the only documentation I can possibly provide showing that her name on the certificate changed after the marriage.

They are sending the documents back without letting me explain anything. Did they even see that Change of Name document? I don't know.

What should I do? Can I have them hold onto the documents? Will they charge me again for another round of applications? I can only provide the same documents next time.

Can I go to San Francisco and do this in person instead of by mail?

I would appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you.

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adi2905     07/27/2019 11:09 AM

I added my wife name after I got married last year. she is US citizen. I renewed my passport couple months ago. I just added her name while I am filling form. I didn't submitted any document and I got my passport with her name.

My old passport don't have her name on It.

But you can visit in-person may be they will help on that. What i know is CKGS first verify documents and then they will send to consulate.


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