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Krizty     07/27/2019 00:16 AM

I applied for a B1B2 in Dubai US consulate and the officer gave me a 6 month valid B1 vis instead of ten year multiple entry . I want to know what should I do to get a ten year multiple entry ,should I reapply in India or go back to Dubai and apply for an Interview waiver program.(please note that I used the the B1 visa, and never overstayed).
Please help me l

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adi2905     07/27/2019 11:11 AM

My suggestion is visit US first and once you come back apply again.


Krizty     07/28/2019 10:11 AM

Thanks for replying .I am actually planning to do that but I feel they might give a 6 month again .


BLADI     07/28/2019 02:42 AM

I agree with adi2905.

Even if you were issued a 50 year visa, you can only be granted permission to stay in America 6 months or less at a time.
I also suggest you do not stay for 6 months this time. Depending with the nature of trip - 1 month maximum. [THAT ESTABLISHES YOU ARE GENUINE]. When you stay for like 5 months [even though within the time-frame], it gives the Embassy ideas on INTENT.
Remember most rules are more psychological and will NEVER see the light of day.

If you're an Indian national I suggest you apply the next visa from iNDIA. Make sure the reason for the B-1/B-2 IS LEGIT.


Krizty     07/28/2019 10:10 AM

Thanks for replying .The thing is I stayed for 6 months already and came back to India .Now I am planning to reapply in India it'self .But at the same time I am scared if I will get a 6 month visa again or No visa at all .


BLADI     07/29/2019 05:41 AM

That tells me ALREADY you have Immigrant intent and perhaps working in the U.S.
No one visits or goes for vacation for 6 months especially every year.

Be cautious. Things are getting murky at the Department of State. You don't want to FLAG yourself.


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