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Guru1982     08/01/2019 04:40 AM

today i had a interview in chennai but b1 visa got refused again.

vo: which company your currently working for?
me : xyz company

vo : what is your designation?
me : i told vo about my current role with the organisation(parent company)

vo: what is the role?
me: i told about my role with the client. Business meeting with the new leaders my client xyz companx has been acquired by xyy company. my visit is to understand the suppot structure and application landscape which is supported in the xyy. once i am back to india we start supporting thr new client.

vo:what is your salary per annum?
me : 10 lakhs 70 thousand.

vo : how many weeks?
me :2 weeks

vo : sorry 214(b) has been issued better luck next time
me : thank you sir.

i dont know what is the issue for the refusal.

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BLADI     08/01/2019 14:15 PM

Isn't 10lakhs like $14,000/annum?

Other factors overcome that like previous travel, if married, do you have relatives abroad...etc.

Seek expertise for re-application. The moment the U.S Embassy has your file on record, extra scrutiny goes into play

[email protected]


Guru1982     08/02/2019 05:23 AM

Thanks for the reply, I never traveled outside India. Approximately it comes around 15382 / annum and 1281/month, Is this salary is very less for travel or experience with the present company is 2.7 years and overall 13+ , whether the problem is with the current experience or salary.


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