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rajag2505     08/04/2019 10:37 AM

HI all,
I have my B1 visa interview scheduled in 2 days and i myself prepared a questionnaire reg the same.
Kindly find below and please correct/add me for any additional information if i need to say precise on something or provide more details anywhere.

My other details :
Exp : 9 years , Married , Kid , Visited Uk and Europe earlier.

Purpose of visit :
I am visiting XXXX client office at Boston, Massachusetts and shall be attending business meetings to understand the future business requirement related to our Digital project.

Place :
XXXX, Boston

Client name :

Purpose of meeting :
Mostly the discussion will one the road maps of digital project as we are planning to introduce a new development strategy. Also we are planning to migrate our application to cloud platform . So our major discussions and meeting will be on the understanding of business requirements.

Why can't the meetings be online ?
The initial discussion happened over the call , but now my client wants me to be a part of business meetings as there are multiple vendors involved.
Also my physical presence over there would have better impact and it will be an opportunity to get interacted with clients more closely.

Will the stay extend ?
We have planned agenda for 2 weeks in such a way that we shall be covering everything in specific amt of time , so i dont think there will be a need for me to stay back there.

Hotel name :

Designation :
I'm Lead technical consultant and i'm handling a team of 20 member. I'm responsible for the project deliverable from the offshore team.

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Antonyr89     08/13/2019 09:39 AM

Hi, please share your experience sir!


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