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VRviki     08/14/2019 09:59 AM

Hello Everyone ,

I submitted my passport renewal normal process with spouse name addition and change of appearance.It took me only 5 days in CKGS NYC.

5-Aug: I went and submitted the application in person to CKGS center NY.I booked 9 am appointment and i was the second person in the hall...The token should be taken once you enter the office on the left side black machine.they will call you by token number. Submitting it was over within 10 minutes I came out but 9:15am

5-Aug: your Application is now ‘Under Process’ at CKGS
6-Aug: Your Application has been ‘Processed’ at the CKGS Application Center and 'In Transit' to the Consulate for decision making
6-Aug: Your Application is ‘Under Process’ at the Consulate.
8-Aug: Your Application has left the Consulate and is ‘In Transit’ to the CKGS Application Center
8-Aug: Your application with your Passport has 'Returned' to the CKGS application Center and is at the ‘Sorting Facility’ where it is being processed for delivery.
8-Aug: Your Passport has been picked up by FedEx
9-Aug: Passport was delivered by the evening.

Attach all the documents in the checklist given to you the CKGS website and self attest whichever is necessary.

Docs for adding spouse name:
applicant self attested copy of marriage certificate.
applicant self attested copy of spouse passport copy.(not necessarily mentioned but it is better to add it)

TD bank will Notarize for free.They are available even weekends which was helpful for my case.

all the best for your passport process.
good luck

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