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khvrls     08/20/2019 02:15 AM

Hello, I am in the following situation and seeking suggestions and help.

I am working on an H1B work visa and my wife is on H4 dependent visa.

My daughter is a US citizen and has an OCI card. We travelled to India as well on the OCI card previously.

In Jan 2019, we renewed her US passport as she completed 5 years. Until recently, I had no idea that we need to get the OCI card as well renewed when a US passport is renewed for a minor.

We have a travel plan coming up in Sep 2019, and looking at the wait times, I don't think I can get the OCI card renewed before we travel


We recently had a baby boy in July 2019, and we are about to receive his US passport. Again, based on the wait times and our travel plans in Sep 2019, I am afraid I would not get his OCI card done before we travel.


I was thinking of two options
1. Get e-visa for both my daughter and my son and travel to India, and have the e-visa converted and renewed into OCI for my son and daughter respectively in India.
2. Fly to the assigned OCI office in US and get the OCIs issued both kids.

My questions -
1. Can e-visa be granted for a child who already has an OCI card and renewed US passport? If yes, I would save effort to submit and time in flying to the OCI office to submit in person.
2. Where in India can we get this conversion done? what is the application process?
3. If so, are there any repercussions in the future for my daughter who already has an OCI card?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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