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shiitiiz     08/21/2019 01:08 AM

I visited Chennai consulate today for B1, below are the learnings

1) You can carry mobile phone if you dont have an option to leave it, outside the consulate, police personnel collect the phone or any other electronic item and hand over a token number to you. You can show the token once done and get your things back. Pretty Simple.

1)Common Myths.
Wear formals for interview as you need to look like a business person.
I disagree - The VO sees only half of you from where he speaks. Wear whatever makes you comfortable.
Obviously, don't wear something outrageous,

One person, wearing blazer, went in front of me and was rejected.

2) VOs are too strict.
I found them to be quite genuine and helpful, not only with my case, I observed in other counters as well, that they were actually trying to understand the purpose of visit.
One should try avoiding cooked up stories, be confident of your purpose of travel and respond not like
you are at their mercy.
If they get doubt about your purpose of visit, they do ask you to explain.
And if they still feel something is sounding fake or cooked up, they reject

My interview

VO: Gm, How are you doing.
Me: Gm, Am doing good, thank you! How are you today

VO: I am good, may I have your passport
Me: Sure

VO: Why do you want to visit US
Me: Our dept has arranged for a discussion involving business IT and architects for an proposed solution in Dearborn, this meeting will be a collaborative meeting with various vendors and the company's stakeholders.

VO: Types something, not saying anything

VO: After 1 minute of typing, Sir your VISA is approved. Thank you
Me: Thank you

That's it!!

This was my first US VISA attempt, may be I was lucky I got thru easily. But folks, dont get too stressed up about the consulate interview, it's a bit hyped for sure.

You only need to worry if your case isn't genuine.

Good Luck everyone!

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rgbsavaliya     08/22/2019 04:28 AM

can you give me your contact number, i need some help. my contact 9 3 7 6 9 3 2 1 2 7


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