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Hsejar     08/22/2019 23:53 PM

Except invitation letter I don't think VO interested in other documents.
VO: Passport
Me: Hi, GM and gave passport
VO: Purpose of travel
Me: To attend xxxxx conference hosted by yyyy in zzzx.I was adding more info but VO asked next question.
VO:Role and responsibilities
Me: Explained
VO: who is funding... I didn't hear question properly ... She try to explain 3 times ..
Me: My company . Shown documents.
VO: Salary
Me: 2x lakhs per annum
VO: typing for 2 minutes .. silence, then .. your visa approved
Me: thanks

My observations
1) ask to repeat question if you don't understand. VO try to explain
2) prepare for following questions
2.1) purpose of travel
2.2) Role and responsibilities
2.3) why company sending you? Why not others
2.4)how this trip useful for your project.

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