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sriblr     08/23/2019 07:46 AM

I was nervous. However it went well !

Bio metric : June 10
Consular Interview : Aug 6
 Interview slot : 7:30

The VO was denying all applicants VISA . I was the 4'th to go to that counter

VO: Greeted
ME: Greeted back
VO : Asked for the passport and i20
ME: Passed it through the counter opening
VO: How long are you been married ?
ME : 5 Years and know each other for more than 12 years
VO : Do you have any kids ?
ME : No
VO : What is your spouse doing ?
ME : She is on OPT with XYZ company
VO : What is she doing ?
ME : Software developer in one of their product
VO : What is her salary ? (Here , i didn't hear the 'her' )
ME : Told my salary per month
VO : Looked at me , and asked per month ?
ME : yes, (here, i got something fishy ) . I asked her back are you asking my salary or Spouse's
VO : Your Spouse .
ME : oh okay!. i thought mine . Its so and so dollars per month
VO : So you work here ? With whom? . Have you resigned ?
ME : No i haven't . This is my vacation plan . I work with XYZ company

I saw her typing vacation plan (lip movement) in the system,

VO: What will your wife do after OPT?
ME : She might come back to India.
VO: Suspiciously "She Might" ?
ME : Yeah ! . We will look for transfer to Bangalore . as i have a job here and we own a house in bangalore
VO: oh so you own a house in Bangalore ! nice.

Typed in the system for few seconds .
VO : Here's your I20 , you can take it back , Your visa is approved!

This is my experience . No documents other than i20 and passport has been asked.

If you fill your DS160 , and your answer's matches with what's mentioned in there ,good chance of getting visa approved .

Good luck to all!

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shaheryar anjum     10/22/2019 01:17 AM

Hi. I have a similar case. However, i got rejected in May 2019. (First Attempt). Now i am applying again. I need to speak to you for guidance. Could i may be have your cell number/email address?

Thanks and regards,

Shaheryar Anjum


sriblr     10/30/2019 01:28 AM

hello, sorry for the delay. i shall contact you if you could share the email id . Many thanks!


sahudeepika     10/22/2019 09:54 AM

hey Congrats,

Can you pls help me.
i am going to apply 3rd time.

pls share your details

[email protected]


sriblr     10/30/2019 01:31 AM

please be transparent while filling the DS160 . that's the one and only tip. Good luck to all


HuongNoi     01/07/2020 08:37 AM

Could you please help me in filling the DS160 ? I have some questions with the Work / Education and Training Information part. My email is [email protected], please share your details.
Thanks and best regard,
Huong Noi (


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