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Student in waiting     08/25/2019 11:13 AM

Hello all.

Here are my case details:

Interview date: 15 July 2019
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Waited 2hrs for my turn. VO first asked why I was applying with a UK passport from pakistan to which I replied that I had my family here. Asked about my parent's citizenship.

Then asked about my major (non-TAL xyz engineering masters leading to PhD) and uni. Told him. Asked about my research. Well I have no experience yet and was to decide at the uni my exact plans. He said he needed more info about my course of study.

Handed a green slip. Says I'd receive an email my evening asking for some info from me. Kept my passport

No email for several days.

23 July: asks for my CV. Sent same day.

30 July: asks for my offer letter and adviser CV. Sent same day.

Missed my prebooked flights on 9 August. Embassy doesn't care. Missed my orientation.

Today, been 6 weeks since interview and 4 weeks since docs submission. Classes start tomorrow. CEAC has no update since 15 July (interview date) and passport tracking says 'no info available'.

So worrying. What should I do

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BLADI     08/27/2019 00:21 AM

First things first, contact the University, inform them of the situation and have them send you an updated I-20 which more than likely would be for SPRING 2020.

You can TRY contact the U.S Embassy but Administrative Processing timelines are around 60 days or less. So as long as they are within that time-frame they will give you the usual programmed answers.

More than likely you are undergoing Security Advisory Opinion- additional screening due to the sensitive course you'll be undertaking and country of birth. It's called Visas Condor.


Student in waiting     08/27/2019 09:44 AM

Thanks. Any idea whether I need a new Visa for spring 2020 or will the same visa (whenever I get it) suffice.


BLADI     08/27/2019 10:15 AM

If you ask them they would tell you to go back for visa stamping; that's more money for them. If your visa is issued, it'll It's less than 5 months before you enter the U.S-- I wouldn't go back for stamping.


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