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shivani_somanchi     08/26/2019 01:54 AM

B1/B2 Non-Immigrant Visa – How the process goes

Day 01:

• You need to carry your Passport, DS-160 form and Appointment Confirmation for verification. Make sure your details received in DS-160 exactly matches with your passport details, word-to-word.
• If your received DS-160 has any typo errors with your original certificates detail (or) mismatches with the info present in your passport, you can ask in the correction centres near by the passport authority office by showing the originals for which you need to pay amount (will be less than 1k). After the updates done, make sure the info in DS-160 and passport matches exactly word-to-word. Then a new application number gets generated which needs to be carried further.
• The website used for filling/updating our details is https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/
• Your details will be verified thrice by the people over there and 2 kinds of stickers will be pasted on backside of your passport. DO NOT REMOVE THEM UNTIL THE VISA PROCESS IS TOTALLY OVER.
• You will be asked your purpose of visit and then thumb impressions with photograph will be taken.

Day 02:

• You need to carry all your supportive documents along with passport and DS-160 form because VO can ask any document of his like to know your details are genuine.
• At one of the US representative counter your fingerprints will again be verified again so that they can match with the ones taken on Day-1.
• You will be given a counter number and guided towards it where you will meet the VISA officer for your interview. Be firm & Confident. Never ever tremble giving answers to the VO else you will be troubled with more questions.

Below was the interview session with VO -

VO: Hi Sir, Good Morning!
ME: Very Good Morning Sir. How are you doing?
VO: Am good sir, thanks for asking.

VO: What is your full name?

VO: Okay. What is your Company name and location?
ME: XXXXXXXXXX, Hyderabad.

VO: Have you ever travelled out of your country?
ME: No sir, this is my 1st time.

VO: Your info says your experience is 9yrs, who was your client all through these years?
ME: I have been part of this project since the time I joined the company and it’s the same client since 9yrs.

VO: Can you tell me your client name?

VO: What is the purpose of your visit?
ME: To attend Business Meetings related to my project.

VO: What is your project about?
ME: My project is about XXXXX tool in Educational Domain.
VO: Sir, I can’t process your visa for your answer, attending business meetings in US as your purpose of visit. Can you tell me more?

VO: What is your project? What is your role in the project? Why are you in particular chosen to go? And how long is your stay? What is your designation? (He expected me to answer all these 5 questions at once)
ME: Am part of XXXXX project and we use XXXXX tool, used by many companies which offer XXXXX benefits to their employees. I will get to know how we have impacted our clients over a period of time and our future plans to attain more prosperity on either sides. Because I have been part of this project since 9yrs, with my understanding over a period a time I can provide my inputs during these discussions which could lead to the betterment of the project. My stay is like 3weeks. Am a Senior Software Developer. I always feel so happy working with such an esteemed client all this time and in the upcoming business meetings, I will do my best to attain happiness in relationships on either sides.

After hearing it all he just smiled to me and said –

VO: Your VISA is Approved. Congratulations! In another 5days you will be informed to collect your passport.
ME: Thank you Sir. Wish you a Good Day ahead.
VO: Thank you, you too.

After 3 days got an sms stating your passport is ready to be picked up!!!

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