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Kk007     08/26/2019 04:30 AM

VO: GM, Passport please
Me: GM, gave the passport

VO: you work for XYZ company?
ME: yes

VO: How long you have been there?
Me : xx years

VO: purpose of visit?
Me: explained in 3 lines.

VO: designation?
Me: told the designation

VO: what's your role?
Me : Explained the role

VO: why they are sending you?
ME : Explained the importance of me.

Golden words from Vo : congratulations your visa is approved.

I would like to thank this forum for all inputs.

Key observations:

Need to maintain eye contact even VO is not looking at you
Do not fumble
Be confident and prepared on repeated questions
Purpose of visit is key point in all of them.


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hari417ece     09/10/2019 01:33 AM


Can you please let me know what was said about purpose of your visit?

Pls drop me email at [email protected]



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