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Antonyr89     08/27/2019 10:47 AM

Vo: Hey good morning!

Me : Hi good morning nice to meet you.

Vo: passport please

Me : here it is.

Vo: What is the purpose of your visit/travel?

Me: to attend healthcare industry conferences which is hosting by Xxx&yyyy

Vo: what type of conferences?

Me : xxx and yyyy and explained the nature of conference.
Vo: do you have offer letter and your travel itinerary documents?

Me: I’ve shown my us company invite letter and my full documents for the travel with flight tickets.

Vo: Why do you have to attend?
Me : On an annual basis, we exhibit at these conferences to solicit ourselves to the attendees in these conferences. I will have direct access to the decision makers who are seeking ways to improve their efficiency on revenue cycle.
Vo: What’s your company name?
Xxx y company headquartered in xxx. Ga
Vo: How long?

Me :8 days.
VO: What is your designation?
Senior Business Development Executive.
Vo: what’s your experience and How long you have been in this company?

Me: I have four plus years of experience in healthcare space and i have been with this company since last November.

Vo: What dose your COMPANY do?
We are a xxxx so and so explained in detail.

Vo: are you married?
I’m engaged me and my fiancé going to get married next year of March 2020

Vo: sorry sir this time I can’t approve your visa because I feel that you don’t have a strong bond and link here in India to travel usa please apply once the circumstances changes and all the best for your next visa interview.

Me : thank you sir have a nice day

Anyone please tell me what was the reason to my rejection? I was 99% confident that I will get the visa bcoz I was delivered my answers in a very sharp and neat manner and I haven’t left his eye sight. . Please guys your help will be very useful for my next visa application

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Antonyr89     08/27/2019 10:54 AM

Invite letter * typos


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