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kawaii12     09/05/2019 21:37 PM


1.)so my conditional green card will expire this dec21, 2019, so with the filling issue i can file it on the 90th day and within the 90 days right?

2.) the evidence will be given separately and be brought during biometrics?

tthank you so much for the response, im back here again to ask help since this site was so helpful obtaining my green card.

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Youngpabi     09/05/2019 23:33 PM

Hi is within the 90 days not even a day before the 90 day pls wait till the day before the 90 days counting start u sent it at the right time and sent all the evidence with it


Youngpabi     09/05/2019 23:36 PM

I sent mine before the 90 days and most likely they gonna sent me back the package.i don’t you to be the same . Do it within the 90 days


Tally     09/05/2019 23:54 PM

So you can apply at the 90 days or within the 90 days. Be sure to include taxes for the duration of your marriage, lease/mortgage, joint account. Everything that you can find to proof that you and your spouse have been living together for the duration of your marriage. Photos, affidavits from friends and family. Drivers license showing same address for both of you. Children if you had any. They need all of those things from the beginning of your marriage until when you file. So I would recommend to get all of those things before you start to file because the will request for more evidence to show that you are still together with your spouse. A life and health insurance should be done too.
It will take about a year for them to give you the green card for reach out to you.
Within 2 or so weeks of filing you will receive an extension of 18 months then they might send you to do biometric appointment but after it will maybe take a year.


azmi     09/18/2019 07:48 AM

Hi Tally,

Hope you are doing well!
I just wanted to know that, what's the amount to file I-751

Thank you in advance.


Tally     09/06/2019 00:05 AM

Your intention is for them not to wait to interview you so any questionable thing you have in your file try to answer it for them. Dont let them be wondering why is this like that. When I sent in mines I wrote a page kinda explaining everything that was going on in every section. If I felt something didnt look right I would explain why it was like that. I was basically acting as if I was sitting infront of them n they were asking me the question. The only thing that can make them not question if your marriage was real if you had a child otherwise from that they have all the right to ask for prove. Give them as much prove has you can travel documents any that involves you and your spouse and show them that your spouse and your family and friends get along


Youngpabi     09/06/2019 00:15 AM

Thanks you tally we need people like you here . Some people will know the answer but will refuse to share it with others .once u say u receive your 10 years gc here u will receive 100 comments with a minutes asking u everything


oluwani     09/08/2019 01:09 AM

Hi Tally, please how can contact you.I have questions on how to arrange my files.


kawaii12     09/08/2019 22:26 PM

so you sent your evidences already upon filing?


kawaii12     09/08/2019 22:28 PM

because i read the instructions they said bring them during the interview,

so after biometrics did they ever called you for an interview i heard that not everybody gets interviewed. Also the18mos THEY GIVE you a paper or a temporary greencard again? thank you so much


Datdude     09/13/2019 20:25 PM

I submitted my evidence along with my application.

You will receive a paper notice saying that your card has been extended for 18 months. You can use this notice along with your expired GC and passport to travel.


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