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maheshmuthyala     09/09/2019 11:26 AM

Hi, I have received my EAD renewal receipt date as 04/08/2019 from Vermont Service center.
I have created an expedite request on 06/07/2019, which was rejected as the category was a18 and not eligible for expedite request.
I have created case outside processing request on 09/06/2019 since its beyond 150 days.
Is anyone with similar issues, anything that we can do get EAD ?

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TejL     09/16/2019 15:29 PM

Hi Mahesh, My wife is also waiting for her EAD under the same category from Vermont SC. Her receipt date was Jun 05 2019 and till now there is no update. Its 100+ days now and no update. But your case of 150 days is insane and unacceptable.
Not sure, I feel very bad for L2 spouses because they come here on dependent visa thinking about L2 EAD and even though they have offer letters, they have to sit idle just because of the delay with USCIS.

Is your case anything unique? like L1, L2 visa extension going on or you bundled and filed for L2 extension and EAD renewal etc.,?


maheshmuthyala     09/18/2019 10:10 AM

Hello,Thanks for your reply.We have our L1&L2 extensions done from Canada in March 2019. As soon as we are back have applied for extension. Today is day 163. I have created second Expedite Request 5 days ago and last night they have completed ER with no email and when I called Agent he said that ER is denied since A18 doesn't meet criteria. Also mentioned an Expedite request for L2 EAD is waste of time and it may even delay the normal processing and better not create an ER for A18 category. My agent today was very helpful and he said he routed the case with an urgent request to a different center and asked me to call back tomorrow for any updates. overall I see many cases pending for atleast 6-8 months and no response. feel like crap loosing jobs for EAD's.


maheshmuthyala     09/26/2019 09:44 AM

Finally got an email that a new card has been ordered. After 171 days EAD has been approved after multiple calls to Customer care and Expedite requests etc.


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