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ajimad     09/14/2019 05:42 AM

Hi All,

Just wanted to share a positive experience with my VISA stamping in Chennai. I had to travel to india on Aug 18th 2019 on an emergency. So when I travelled, I didn't even have a stamping scheduled. I had an approved I797 valid till 2022. I had heard that the stamping dates were more than 40 days out. This would have been a problem as I did not have so many leaves. But luckily dates opened up and I got the VISA interview scheduled for Sep 10th and 11th. The Biometric/10 printing on 10th Sep went very smooth, no isues. The Interview on the 11th was also pretty smooth.Some of the questions asked were. Firstly he asked for passport.
1) Why are you going to the US.
2) Who do you work for.
3) Who is end client.
4) What is your role.
5) Can you tell me what your responsibilities are? - I gave brief answer.
6) Can you be more specific?
7) How long have you been in the US.
8) What is your salary.
9) Do you live in xxxx?

VO started typing a lot of things. Then said your VISA is approved. You should get your passport back in a few days. Returned my Old passport along with a booklet of your rights when you work in US and a blue paper that said your VISA is approved.

This happened on 11th Sept. 12th Sept I checked status and it said there is no status for the passport number you have entered. 13th Sept, same status that there is no status. But on 13th evening I got a text msg saying your passport is ready for pickup and I went and collected my passport with the stamped VISA.
Everything was very smooth and nice experience. So dont be worried or tensed when you go. Lots of good experiences as well.

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ajimad     09/14/2019 05:44 AM

Also, he did not ask for a single document.


Raju Mutyala     09/17/2019 08:04 AM

Could please let me know to which mobile number you got the text messages


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