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slim2017     09/14/2019 10:18 AM

And so it was after exactly 2 yrs, we have our green cards in hand now.
Here are a few things learnt along the way;

1) Be super patient, really patient, it will really help through what can a long lonely walk sometimes....

2) Each case, family, individual & nationality is different so don’t necessarily believe everything you read will happen to your case. our i140 approval took 1yr 9months but the i485/interviews went by super fast after that. I know folks who applied same time we did mid 2017 who had longed gotten their cards & some other folks still waiting, it’s not straight science.

3) Do all you can not to complicate the process e.g address changes, travelling abroad during the process, etc.

4) Make sure you have a super detailed lawyer who takes nothing for granted

5) Don’t over stress the interview process ( at least for an employment based one), it’s basically a check on your career/personal details which is straightforward. We were interviewed by a very polite & nice young man who was himself an immigrant from another country working for USCIS - an interesting dynamic given today’s world !!!!

A prayer for everyone, may you ultimately succeed in the journey & get your cards as well. Just be patient, it will come eventually.

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chitt_an     09/14/2019 16:04 PM

Congratulations !! well said !!


Go4IT     09/15/2019 20:46 PM

I agree with all that you said, but differ on the travel abroad remark. With the long delays , travel abroad is unavoidable especially if there is an emergency or long due visit to home. I have had colleagues who have done that on the Combo card with no issue- i guess its case to case.

Again - many thanks for sharing back with the group.


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