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SureshKrishnan     09/14/2019 00:51 AM

Hi all,

I have my B1 visa interview scheduled next week.

Going through these VISA interview experiences and observing that the rejection rate is at an all-time high makes me nervous. So, I've started practicing the questions asked by the VO so that I don't fumble. Even after thorough practice and thought, I'm unable to figure out the outcomes of a few questions.

I decided to get help from the people here.
Below are 2 questions for which I'm not sure if I'm giving the right answer.


Q: Why is your company sending only you despite your less experience (~3 years) and less association with the company(~6 months)?

A: I've worked for my current company as a contractor for about 2 years before joining as an FTE. I have been working in the same project for the past 2.5 years and I know the interlocks of the module quite well. I've also recently got an appreciation/award for the work I'm doing. Currently, I lead a team of 4 people and the business thinks that it's better if I attend these meetings and provide feedback and receive inputs so that the software can be designed better and launched faster with fewer bugs.

Q: Why can't your seniors/managers go in your place? Why you?
A: As I said earlier, because of my long-time association with the project, I know the module quite well. My manager is new to the company and hence he's going through transition phase. My director and architect, by looking at my performance so far, think I can accomplish this job of understanding the priorities of business well so that I can get my team implement them upon my returning.


All the answers I've given are true. Please evaluate and let me know of my mistakes before I commit them and lose my chance of attending the business meetings.

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BLADI     09/16/2019 23:56 PM


Keep it simple:
The Managers job is to manage or rather oversee departments with actual specialists like you and others in every department reporting to him/her every day/week on progress.

Whatever it is you're going to do - make it your forte, this is your expertise, you are the best man for the job, that's why you were hired and you're the single point of contact when it comes to that SPECIALITY.


SureshKrishnan     09/18/2019 09:01 AM

Thanks Bladi. That helped. My VISA got approved.


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