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manonymous     09/14/2019 17:15 PM


My company is sponsoring the Green Card. The Perm is approved, as well as the I-140. My priority date is current, so my company submitted the I-485 (Adjustment of Status) already. I went for the biometrics back in June. Hopefully I will get my Green Card soon.

The reason I am posting this message is because my company is refusing on sharing the prevailing wage with me. So seems I am not able to figure out if I am being payed fairly, underpaid or overpaid based on the Prevailing wage determination from the DOL.

Do you know if there is a policy that protects companies from sharing the Prevailing wage?


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aldrich2007     09/24/2019 10:55 AM

Hi Manonymous,

When you filed your I-485 application, they asked you to review and sign those documents.
Including the I-485 Supplement J document where you PWD was stated in $$$$$.

Once you get your GC, your sponsoring company shld comply with that PWD. It is a mandatorythey shld abide per US DOL regulation.

Or you can file a complaint from US DOL.


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